What are the body systems humans have?

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  1. Lucas 5/6 S says:

    Firstly I would like to thank all of the 5/6 teachers for setting up the blog for everyone so everyone can get some help with their system .
    P.S Only a few days into it the blog has helped me heaps 🙂

  2. Tony, Anita, Mitchell, and Milla says:

    One of the systems is the Respiratory system, we learnt about what parts are in the system and the most important parts are our lungs, nasal cavity, trachea, alveoli, left and right bronchus. It has been really fun!

  3. Thomas, Snow drop, Fahsai, jakub 5/6L says:

    One of the systems of the body is the circulatory system. It’s the system that includes the veins and the heart. The heart pumps blood through the veins so blood can get to every part of our body.

  4. Ebonie,Romy,Daniel,Ehdohsoe! says:

    The muscular system. It is made up from all of the muscles around your body. Some of the main muscles are the biceps, quadriceps , abdominals and the calf muscles.
    We find the blog very useful because it is very informative. We like how there is a lot of useful links that take us to the best websites. We believe this is the best blog ever!!!!!! -Ebonie, Romy, Eh doh soe and Daniel 🙂

  5. Zahra, sila, jess , canerry says:

    The skeletal system
    One of the main bones in our body is the hip bone.
    The hip bone is a large, flat bone constricted in the centre and expands above and below.
    -Zahra, Jess, Canerry, Sila

  6. adan says:

    The digestive system has many organs such as the small intestine , the stomach , your stomach and the large intestine


  7. Lucas says:

    Hi again I am just reminding you to read the blogging guidelines before you comment.

  8. Arushi, Su and Cathy says:

    We can name a few systems now, Digestive, Muscular, Nervous, Skeletal, Respiratory, Circulatory, Immune, wait is that all of them.
    P.S you have 47 miles of nerves, look it up, it’s a fact.

  9. hope says:

    The skeletal system
    Muscular System
    Respiratory System
    Circulatory System
    Digestive System
    Immune System
    Nervous System
    Reproductive System

  10. Keisha says:

    First I would like to say thank-you to all of the 5/6 teachers for making us do the Human body project.
    I was in the Circulatory system group and Keisha was in the Nervous system. It was really fun because we got to learn more about all the systems in our body!

  11. nathan says:

    In the human there are 7 systems there is circulatory, immune, muscular, digestive, skeletal, nervous and respiratory

  12. jin says:

    Skeletal muscular digestive circulatory nervous

  13. sa moo ra na says:

    One of the systems in human body is Respiratory system; it is the important systems in human body because it help us breath air and it warm our air that goes into our body, and without air we would not able to live.

  14. may day says:

    Muscular system and I also think the muscular is the most important in the body, without the muscle we cannot our lung would not work and we would die.

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