How do the systems interrelate with each other?

Do you know which systems are closely linked? How are they linked?

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5 Responses to How do the systems interrelate with each other?

  1. AaronLucasMaydayShaypusoo 5/6S says:

    The muscular system links to every part of the body because the muscular system holds everything together and helps most of them move.

  2. Alizeah says:

    I believe that the circulortory system is linked to the nervous system because the circulortory system sends the brain its cells aswell as sending the body cells.

  3. Lucas says:

    The muscular system always work with the skeletal system the most.
    This is true because without muscles or bones none of the two systems would be there.
    There is even a muscle called the skeletal muscle.

  4. Scarlett says:

    The Muscular system works with the Skeletal, and Digestive System. Muscles hold the bones together, and stretch the walls of the stomach.

  5. Arushi, Su and Cathy says:

    The nervous system relates to every system (mostly Muscular). All the things you do, all the stuff you say, are controlled by your brain. Without the brain your body won’t do anything, especially your muscles because you won’t be able to move!

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