Circulatory system

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Webquest – Circulatory system resource page  * some of the links  on webquest resource page do not work

skool – Circulatory system video

Kids Biology – Circulatory system

ThinkQuest – the Circulatory system

Discovery Kids – Cardiovascular system

Fact Monster – Circulatory System

Kids Health – Your heart and circulatory system

Kidport – The circulatory system and the heart

e-Learning for kids – Heart and circulation (interactive)

animated heart circulation

Click on links below to download videos about the Circulatory System (click on ‘save as’ and save to your computer before viewing):

Circulatory system                         Circulation

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4 Responses to Circulatory system

  1. Jonte,Garrett,Ahere,Alizeah 5/6S says:

    We learnt that we should not put tight things around any part of the body to keep the circulation going. Without the circulation system the blood will become unhealthy and you will lose your circulation.
    If we lose the circulation in any part of the body it will turn to a different colour and will go numb because the oxygen wont get through.

  2. Ahere says:

    I like this Information because it tells me stuff I did’nt know about. Like the Aorta is the biggest vein in the body and that the heart is a muscule.


  3. Afua says:

    How long does it take the heart to pump the blood around your body?

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