Muscular system

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Webquest – Muscular system resource page * some of the links on webquest resource page do not work

ThinkQuest – welcome to Muscles

Kids Biology – Muscular System

Discovery Kids – The Muscular System

Ducksters – Muscles in the human body

Fact Monster – Muscular System

Science Bob – The Muscular System

e-Learning for kids – muscles (interactive)

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7 Responses to Muscular system

  1. AaronLucasMaydayShaypusoo says:

    Did you know the muscular system and the skeletal system work together to hold the body together and move it around? 🙂

  2. Ebonie,Romy,Daniel,Ehdohsoe! says:

    The muscular system. It is made up from all of the muscles around your body. Some of the main muscles are the biceps, quadriceps , abdominals and the calf muscles.
    We find the blog very useful because it is very informative. We like how there is a lot of useful links that take us to the best websites. We believe this is the best blog ever!!!!!! -Ebonie, Romy, Eh doh soe and Daniel 🙂

  3. Garrett 5/6S says:

    Hello Muscular System, do you know how many muscles are in your body?

    • Lucas 5/6 S says:

      Hi Garrett the answer to your question was 640 muscles in the human body that are named and there are believed to be thousands of muscles in the human body 🙂

  4. Nathan says:

    The human body with the labeled muscles really helped me with my homework.

  5. shay pu soo 5/6S says:

    Without the muscle you could die of starvation and thirstiness. Without muscle you couldn’t move.

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