Nervous system

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Webquest – Nervous system resource page  * some of the links on webquest resource page do not work

Thinkquest – the nervous system

Kids Biology – Nervous System

Discovery Kids – Your Nervous System

Biology4Kids: Nervous System – I’m sensing something

Ducksters: Biology for kids – The Nervous System

Kids Health – Your brain and the nervous system

e-Learning for kids – Brain and nerves (interactive)

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5 Responses to Nervous system

  1. mackay lily and olivia 5/6S says:

    Smoking makes you sleepless; it affects the nervous system and the way you think and changes your behaviour and also the way you think about people. no smoking 🙂

  2. mackay lily and olivia 5/6S says:

    Did you know that the nervous systems main parts are the spinal cord the brain and many many nerves that we use daily?

  3. Jessica.D, Alyssa and Taite! says:

    Our comment for the blog!!!

    So far this blog has really helped, just like the one on the countries!!! The information given is unbelievable, I didn’t know who important the systems were. My group and I are really enjoying our work. The nervous system is very cool. Did you know that without our nervous system we wouldn’t be able to control our brain or co-ordinate our moves and you will die!!! So happy blogging everyone. 🙂

  4. Mackay 5/6s says:

    I have had fun in the nervous system but it is time for the Chester Award. We have had so much fun 

  5. may day says:

    The nervous system help us think help us feel things around us without the nervous system we would not know pain and we would not know what’s around us. The blog helps us heaps. Thank you!

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